MOVE This Week Vol. 1

Thought I would share what my workout "PLAN" is for the week.  Make sure that you understand that "PLAN" is in very HEAVY air quotes.  I haven't completed the actual plan in months.  Life has a sneaky habit of getting in the way, and training for three different disciplines takes some time.

And I've come up with some clever excuses to get out of High Intensity Interval Training or Weights.  Sometime they are elaborate, other times I just say I don't wanna. the plan for Week 1 of my 44th year...

Monday...Spinning, weights* 
Tuesday...Pilates; Masters Swim Practice
Wednesday...Spinning, weights
Thursday...Pilates, Swim on my own
Friday...Spinning, weights
Saturday...Frost Bite 5K (instead of a t-shirt, you actually get a 'hat, glove and scarf set'.  Hopefully it's not horrific.

(*already blew the "PLAN", didn't do the weights)

What's on your workout agenda for the week?  

If you already work out, set a goal to add at least 10 minutes of weights in twice this week.  Don't have dumb bells?  I bet you have a gallon of milk (about 7 lbs) or a child (anywhere from 8-40) that you could do some bicep curls with!!

If you don't work out, challenge yourself to MOVE for 5-10 minutes at least a 3 times this week, and do that bicep curl thing with a gallon of milk, a jar of peanut butter, or your cat.

Best part...after any kinds of weight training, you should eat some protein   Best real world quick source?  CHOCOLATE MILK!!!  


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