Today I turn 43 years old.

I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up.

I do know I'm bigger than I want to be.

About 10 years ago I put on some weight.  And then a little more, and a little more.  It was "only" 5-10 lbs a year, Then there were a couple pregnancies, and the next thing I know I was over 200 lbs.

In February of 2009, I decided I wanted to loose 40 lbs by my 40th birthday.  I called it "40X40" and I had a chart and everything.  I had 9 months.  Piece of cake, right?  I lost about 25 then stalled.  Turned 40.  Then winter came.  Then spring.  Suddenly it was all back.

Did the same thing in 2010.  Lost 25...stalled...turned 41...winter...gained...added more.

In 2011 I vowed I would lose again, but NEVER gain it back.  I lost about 17 lbs...stalled...stayed active...turned 42...still stalled...still active...still stalled...even more active...gained 5...lost 5...gained 5...lost 5...gained 5...still stalled...still very active.

And now I'm 43.  As of this morning (after a inexcusable binge of Thanksgiving leftovers and cheesecake) I weigh 199.4 lbs.

I am starting this blog to document my health and fitness journey over the course of my 44th year. I plan on being very up front and honest with both the numbers on the scale, and my struggles with weight loss.

Because I am not sedentary.

My First Triathlon  Greenville, IL  7/01/2012
In fact, in the last 13 months I have done the following:

  • Walked a 1/2 Marathon
  • Started Running
  • Started taking yoga classes
  • Ran a 6 mile leg in the Go! St. Louis Marathon Relay (with Shingles, I might add)
  • Ran a 5K
  • Completed my first Triathlon
  • Completed my second Triathlon.
  • Joined a Masters Swim program.
  • Started taking Pilates classes.
  • Ran a 1/2 Marathon
  • Started taking Spinning classes
  • Ran a 7K
Don't believe me?  I have the race bibs, medals and t-shirt collection to prove it.  Yet in spite of all these events.  In spite of all the training required to get there I have gained a total of 6 pounds from my most recent lowest weight of 191.  

I'm pissed.  And I'm tired of my scale.

2nd Triathlon  Indianapolis, IN  8/25/2012
Photography provided by my 12 year old ;)
I have set a fitness goal for myself for my 44th year.  I want to complete at least 4 Sprint Triathlons over the course of the next season.  (These are typically a 400m swim, 10-13 miles on the bike and a 5K run).  Then, on September 7, 2013 I want to complete the Muncie September Olympic Triathlon  (about double the previous distances.)

To do so, I will need to do a lot of cross training.  I'll be doing laps in the pool.  Spinning over the winter.  Putting lots of road miles on the bike when it warms up.  Hitting the trails running a few days a week.  I also plan on adding resistance training and High Intensity Interval Training in order to boost my metabolism, with the help of my SIL and personal trainer, Kara.  

I plan to try and not eat like a pig...but I live in the real world.  Denial of my favorite foods has only lead to binges in the past.  So I'm going to eat smart, but not be militant about any particular food group.

I plan on posting on here my progress, and lack thereof.  I plan on posting what has motivated me, what works for me, as well as what ticks me off and what was a waste of my time and energy.

I plan on never lying.  I plan on never taking any of it to seriously.  I plan to often be sarcastic.  

Will I lose weight?  I don't know.  
Rock'n'Roll St. Louis 1/2 Marathon 10/21/2012

Do I care?  Yes.
Should I?  Probably not.
Should you?  Definitely not.

This is not self indulgence. This is not all about me.  I mean, technically it is, but I know so many people that are not active and want to be.  I know others who ARE active, but still are uncomfortable with their weight.  I hope to show them that if I can do it, they can.  I also know so many people that work so hard, yet the "simple math" of weight loss doesn't seem to work for them.  I hope to figure out why, and help.

I also hope that by committing to posting here, I can hold myself accountable.

We'll see how it goes.  Worst case scenario ..I complete 6 triathlons in the next year and still weigh almost 200 lbs.  

Wayne County Turkey Chase 7K Centerville, IN  11/17/2012


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