Favorite Workout Gear

In the last 2 years, I've collected quite a bit of work out gear.  I probably spend more money on workout clothes and accessories than I do on regular clothes.  It's an excuse to stay in yoga pants all day...right?

This will be my first ever FatGirlTRI-ing Favorite Five, and it's all about the gear baby...

If you have hair or bang issues, these things are for you.  They are not Billie Jean King's headbands, Bondi's are headbands on steroids.  They are nice and wide and have a wicking fabric.  After a run or spin class, these things are just DRENCHED and disgusting.  Keep the band over your hair line, and it will keep sweat from dripping in your eyes or down your neck.  They come in a bunch of different colors, and have great sayings.  I just placed an order for some new ones.  I got a bunch of plain colors, and this black iTRI with white print.  LOVE IT!!

Here are some coupon codes:
FIVE (get 5 bondis for $25)
ONE (Buy 3, get 1 Free)

at $8 each, do the math, and get 5

4.  Spi-Belt

This is one of the first pieces of gear I ordered, and I love it.  It is basically a slimmed down fanny pack...but much cooler.  It will hold your phone, keys and some gels.  You can get it in a bunch of different colors.  I didn't get the waterproof one, but I wish I would have.  I'm always a bit nervous about it during bad weather, but I just put it under my shirt instead.  They are designed to not bounce when you are running.  I don't worry about that so much as having a place to hold my phone.  Also, spend the extra $2 and get a set of race toggles for when you race.  It's a great way to hold your bib in place without dealing with annoying safety pins.  

FYI...the messenger bag is dorky.  I will mock you.

I've used a couple different tracking apps for iPhone, and previously on my Palm Pre.  This has been by far my favorite.  The GPS is pretty accurate.  And since I am ridiculously motivated by charts and graphs, signing in to the website allows me to track my stats, compare myself to other runners of my age, and collect badges and awards.  You can also share your runs on facebook if you felt the need.

2.  Ta-Ta Tamer II by Lululemon

I got girls, and girls need support.  Now since I'm a bigger girl, I can't really wear much from Lulu...yet.  And since I'm a bigger girl on a budget, I can't really afford much from there either.  With girls my size, I need a GOOD bra, and any good running bra is going to cost at least $50, so I made the investment.  I've been really pleased.  It keeps the girls in place, and doesn't give that awful uni-boob effect.  I just got it in basic black, but there are several colors available.  And, I got to actually walk out of a lululemon store with a little shopping bag, so that was good for the self esteem. 

1.  Nike Fuel Band

I don't actually own this item yet.  I just covet it from afar, and it has been on my "if I had all the disposable income in the world" list for many months.  It converts all your daily activity into Nike Fuel so you can see how much activity you actually do, and to set goals for yourself or with friends.  It syncs with your Nike + apps on your phone too.  This will feed directly into my ridiculous chart and graph fetish.  I was given a choice of gift cards from my boss for Christmas, and I chose this, so I should be able to let you know what I think soon.

Have you used any of these products?  What are some of your favorites??


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