The Change Up (Move Vol. 3)

Also known as Move...Vol 3

This has been a tough week.  Had a great rest day on Sunday.  Went to spinning and did weights on Monday as planned.  My back was a little sore, but I didn't think it was a big deal.

Tuesday, woke up and got dressed to go work out.  Back was really hurting at this point.  I had planned to run on Tuesday instead of Pilates.  I want to add a 2nd running day in.  Got on the treadmill and lasted for about 3 minutes.  Went into Pilates and even doing bridge hurt.  Went home.  Spent the rest of the day either on the couch or floor.  It sucked.  As the day went on, my back got worse and worse.

Wednesday, woke up and felt fine.  As if Tuesday never happened.  I decided to take a precautionary rest day.

Thursday, woke up and was still fine.  But I realized how badly I had been neglecting my house, my job, my life and decided to take a couple mental health days.

It's 2nd mental health day.  I did get out and walk across campus today...en route to and returning from a piece of cheesecake.  So there was that...

All that to say two things...

1)  Be flexible.  Sometimes your body isn't under your control.  Backs will go out, ankles will turn, tendons will tear.  Relax.  Take a break.  Sometimes you just need to rest.  Sometimes you need to take a mental health day just to be on the safe side.  Rest is not the BAD kind of 4 letter word.

2)  Change it up.  I love going to my Pilates class, but I really need to add a 2nd day of running in.  Since I'm injury prone, running any more than 3 times a week is too much.  But 1 isn't enough.  Also, I'm not getting paid for any of this, or a plaque if I follow some sort of pre-designed schedule.  So if I need to do a pilates DVD instead of going in to the Wellness Center at the butt-crack of dawn so that I can add a run be it.

3) Don't ignore the rest of your life.  Keeping up on housework, taking care of kids, doing a good job at work...these things all go downhill if you spend too much time working out, or are too worn out from too much working out.  Find a balance.  It is hard to find.  I'm still looking for it.  I think it is in a closet somewhere...

Next week's plan:

Monday-Spinning, Weights Workout
Tuesday-Run 3 miles, pilates DVD, swim
Wednesday-Spinning, weights
Thursday-Pilates class, swim
Friday-Spinning, weights
Saturday-Run 5

You should try the weights work out.  It's not TOO harsh.  My drill sergeant Sister in Law told me to do it 3 times.  First round 15 reps, 2nd 12 and last 10.


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