Triscuits with butter...kill me now

There are things I know about myself.

One of them is that I should not be left unattended with a box of Triscuits.  Or Saltines.  Or any type of cracker.

My SIL left behind a box after Thanksgiving.  They lasted a week in my pantry.  Kill me now.  I opened the box...KNOWING full well what would happen when I did.  Out came the tub of Brummel & Brown, and I had a mini carb binge.

This is why I am fat.  Because I have no self control around crackers.  And cheese.  And cheese and crackers.  And butter and crackers.  And potato chips.  And potato chips and dip.

Anyway, the week has been good so far.  I've worked out every day, sometimes twice.  I managed to ignore the fact that weights were on the schedule...and I didn't do any pilates this morning as I had decided to do yesterday.

This evening is the Frostbite 5K.  It's the last race in the Wayne County Challenge.  I've only done two.  Next season I hope to do them all.  It starts at 5, which seems an odd time for a race.  It left me plenty of time for me to slack around on the couch all morning and catch up on episodes of Top Chef Seattle whilst eating Triscuits.
My best 5K ever was 34:33.  It was during part of a training run for the 1/2 marathon, and it was on a flat trail.  Today's run is through a hilly park.  My goal is under 39:00.  Keep in mind, I'm an incredibly slow runner.  Probably more like jogging.  But I will be out there...fueled by buttered up triscuits.

UPDATE, 12/03/2012

So I was doing great until about 1.5 miles, when suddenly, some sort of latent intestinal virus decided that all the running and panting and hill climbing was a good excuse to cause stomach cramps and....well....a sudden DESPERATE need for a bathroom.  Which I found at mile 2.

I sprinted in at the end, not because I wanted to pick off the woman in the pink fleece top, but because I needed to get back to a bathroom.

The rest of the weekend was spent in and out of the bathroom.  Good times.

In the end, my official time was 39:33.  That included a several minute bathroom break, and the .15 mile detour to get to said bathroom and then back to the route.

I wasn't fast...I wasn't last...and I'll never eat triscuits with butter again!

Frostbite 5K  Richmond, IN
in between bathroom breaks...ugh


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