Running is Brutal

I have been taking a pretty intense spinning class since October.  Without realizing it, I joined one of the toughest classes in my area.  Finally, after months and months, I'm finally able to keep up for the entire class.  I'm guessing that I just built up the stamina for it, or that I'm getting stronger.

I hope it's that I'm getting stronger.

It meets 3 days a week at the butt crack of dawn.  Any work out that requires you to be up and awake before 5:30 am automatically earns extra bragging rights.  And I believe should burn more calories too...but I don't think it works that way..

After the first few classes, I felt like I needed to be scrapped off the floor.  I could hardly walk up the stairs at my house.  But now, after class I feel fine.  Energized even.  I rarely have any lingering pain or stiffness throughout the day.

But apparently, this new found strength does not translate into running.

Yesterday, I decided to hit the road for about 3 miles.  The snow had cleared enough, and the temp was up above freezing, so I donned a long sleeve shirt and vest, grabbed some kleenex and ran (technically it IS running...regardless of how slow I am!)

There are lots of hills around my house.  Not hills like Colorado...but it's not flat.  I always start my runs going up a 1/2 mile slow incline.  I made it.  I didn't die.  I figure if I keep working on hills, they won't be so hard when I race.  (Look at me...thinking like an athlete.)  The last few runs I have done were short, and on a treadmill with no incline.  So yesterday hurt.  And my nose was cold.

I got my 3 miles in, took a shower and within an hour could feel all my leg muscles calling me names.  They were not happy with me.  It got worse as the afternoon and evening wore on.  Had to take ibuprofen before bed.  It's the first time I've had to do that in months.

Running will be my toughest challenge in my upcoming Triathlon season.  I can swim and feel fine (ravenously hungry...but fine).  I have been told that all this spinning equates to about 30 miles on the bike.  (That was by a guy who has done a few full Iron Mans.  He is obviously fitter and faster than I am, so I'm going to count it as 20).  Regardless, I can spin and feel fine after.

It's the running that kills me.

I used to say "I hate running with a passion that can not be described with the English language."  My hatred has abated.  Now it just has turned to dread.

We are having a slight warm up for the next week or so.  I'm hoping to get a few outdoor runs in.  Maybe eventually they won't hurt so much.

One can dream...right?


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