4th Annual WC Harrison Indoor Tri

My very first semi-official Tri of the season.

Distances:   500m swim, 30 minutes on the spin bike, and then a 5K on an indoor track.
Participants :  21
My place:  21
My time:  1:17:48

Dead last.  Again.  AND I DON'T CARE!!

I did the math last night when I couldn't fall asleep and figured I would finish in about 1 hour and 25 minutes depending on transitions, and how crazy slow I run.

Because I run crazy slow.  The kind of slow that you don't like to say out loud.  Because when you say you run slow, the inevitable conversation goes like this:

ME:  I run crazy slow.
Not me:  Oh yeah, me too.
ME:  Oh really, what is your average pace?
Not me:  Oh, I'm horrible. I can only do about a 10 minute mile.
ME:  I hate you.

So my crazy slow is usually around 12:30 per mile.  This is an improvement over last  year when it was about 13:00.  I just started running in January of 2012, so I probably shouldn't complain...but it still is crazy slow, and it's hard to find running partners.


Finished the swim strong.  Was in the transition area at around 12:40 which means I did about 12:00 on the swim.  I led my lane.  I thought the girls behind me would fall back a bit, but they never did.  They were right behind me the whole time, so I didn't get a chance to take a slower lap and recoup.  I would not let them pass me.  They are in their 20's.  I have my pride.  I might suck at running, but I got skillz in the pool.  So I kept up the pace.  They were killing me.

The bike was easy.  Just 30 minutes on the bike.  You could set your own resistance and everything.  I missed Kim. She usually spins next to me (because we share a ceiling fan) and we chat.  But I made it.  Not having to do hills (fake or acutal) helped too.

Then came the run.  10 laps in the lower gym, up the stairs, 10 laps in the upper gym, down the stairs, 10 laps in the lower gym again, and done.  I was doing the math while running, and figured I would finish at about 1:20, if I could keep an average pace of 12:00.  Into the second mile, I realized I might actually be going faster than 12.  It seemed more like 11:00.  But that couldn't be because I don't run that fast.

As I got into the 3rd mile I realized that I still had 14 minutes left to reach my goal of 1:20.  Holy crap. I don't run as fast as I seemed to be running.  Especially not after a swim and bike.  By my 6th lap on the bottom, there were only 3 of us still out there.  Those 2 20 something girls, and myself.  With 3 laps to go I really had to go to the bathroom, but Kim (who already was done at this point) ran along side of me.  I'm not a highly experienced Triathlete, but I think it's safe to say peeing down your leg while indoors and running with your "fan buddy" is probably frowned upon.  With 2 laps to go, Mangie (1 person, 2 separate bodies) joined us too.  With 1 lap to go I realized that my 1:20 goal was out of the water.  Could I break 1:18.

Finished at 1:17:48.

Holy crap.

My brain is still fuzzy.  Even after breakfast with all the "cool kids."

I finished my 5K under 34 minutes.  NEVER have done that before. Not on a training run. Not in a race.  NEVER!!!

It's really freaking awesome when you surprise the crap out of yourself!!  It's so awesome that when you realize your massage therapist is right behind you at a stop light, you jump out of your van and run back to tell her.  (I'm obnoxious that way...it's how I roll)

Kim (my fan buddy), Mindy, Me & Angie
Mindy + Angie = Mangie


  1. Oh my goodness, the stoplight thing cracks me up. Aren't you glad it WAS her?


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