Changing goals...then changing back

First, please note the new logo!!  It was designed by my friend Noel at You rick my world Noel!  (Typo's a inside joke)

I would like to just tell you about the "multi-sport" community that I find myself becoming a part of.  They are committed.  They are motivating.  They are dedicated athletes.  They are freaking insane.

I got the idea to do Triathlon's last year in a moment of mid-life crisis.  When I completed my first one (Dead Last and Proud of it!!) the only triathletes I knew were myself and my friend Crystal...who was crazy enough to do it with me.  Oh...and Crystal's neighbor.  But we only found that out when she passed us on the course.  I had never met an Iron Man before.

Since we moved to Indiana, there area whole mess of them.  Between the Masters Swimming, my spin class, and the running group I've recently joined...I know of at least 6 people who have completed a full Iron Man. (Probably more)  I also know 6 who are currently training for Iron Man Louisville, and Iron Man Wisconsin this year.

All that Iron Man talk can be a bad influence.  (Mangie...I'm refering to you!!!)

These were my goals for the year:

  • A sprint tri every month from May to August (Possibly April too)
  • An olympic tri in September.
That was it.  Just to complete these races.  Not to win my age group.  Not to set any PRs.  Just to do it.

After a week of great workouts around crazy insane people, I had myself considering a 1/2 Iron Man distance race in September instead, and doing Olympic distance races instead of Sprints.  

I asked Chuck for some advice.  He agreed that the crazy insane people could lead one down the wrong path, as he had experienced in the past.  He also told me to be cautious about doing a 1/2 IM because of the time needed to do the training.  He is a wise man.

So I have gone back to the drawing board and this is what I have come up with.
  • Earlham Tri. (May 4)  It's a strange distance combo.  Almost like an Olympic on steroids.  It's also FREE!!  I am going to use this as a litmus test for the season.  If I survive that, then I might consider doing Olympic distances instead of Sprints for the rest of my goal races.
  • May Muncie Tri (May 4)  I had heard the Earlham Tri was in April, so I went ahead and registred for this.  Didn't realize the date change until too late.  
  • Autocar Richmond Tri (June 1)  This is also happening along with the first Autocar Richmond Toughman Tri.  I'm helping out on it, so if you do either of these races, either myself or one of my friends will be hanging the medal around your neck, or passing you your finisher t-shirt when you are done!  The next day is the Richmond Tough Kids  I'll be helping out, while cheering on my 7 year old.  (Cant seem to get the other 3 on board yet)
  • July???? Don't know yet
  • Muncie Women's Tri (August 10th)  All girls.  Too much fun!
  • Go Girl Tri (August 27th)  I did this race last year.  I want to see how much better I do a year later with more conditioning, prep and experience under my spi-belt..
  • MuncieMan September Tri (September 7th)  This is the one Olympic I will definitely commit to.
This will meet all the goals I set.  According to an article I recently read, I need to write my goals down (check), have them be SMART:  Specific, measurable, actionable, reachable and time-based. (check, except for the time based one.  I'm still slow enough that I'll be happy to finish)  And I have to know why.

Why?  Why?  Why?  

I don't know.  Is it because I want to lose weight?  I like the community?  It's something that most people would never think of doing?  It's part peri-menopause, part mid life crisis?  I want it written on my tombstone "She started TRI-ing at 42, and never stopped"?

Yes.  Yes to all.

Saw this video this week that cracks me up every time I think about it. (Please excuse the f-bomb Mom!)

There is NOTHING fun about 4:30 in the morning!!


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