My Nike FuelBand Motivation

I listed the Nike FuelBand on my Favorite Five pieces of Workout gear post back in December.  It was my favorite thing...and I didn't even own it yet.  I didn't know anyone who had one.  I had never seen one in real life.  I just wanted it.  It looked wicked cool.

I got a Nike gift card for Christmas, and within minutes had it on order, and I had it a few days later.

That was 59 days ago.  I know this because the Nike FuelBand app on my iPhone tells me so.

It also tells me that since January 1st, I have burned 65,082 Calories; I have been active for 570:03 hours; done approximately 507, 032 steps (or about 208.1 miles).  This converts to 197,136 in NikeFuel.

As a person who is ridiculously motivated by charts and graphs, I love this thing.  You can see your activity by the day, week, month or year.  I love to meet my goals each day.  When you do, the chart turns green.  Green makes me happy.  Yellow does not.  Yellow means I did not make my goal.

For example, I did not make my goal on February 5th.  February 5th is still yellow.  Yellow does not make me happy.  The yellow bar on the far right is for today.  I haven't synced my band with my app yet.  I will soon.  I will also make my goal today.  Because yellow does not make me happy.

OK...what the heck is this thing anyway?  The FuelBand is a bracelet that you wear throughout the day.  At any time, you can check your activity level by pressing a button.  It will give you your Fuel total.  It can also give you your calories burned, steps taken and the time.  If you hold the button down, it will sync with your computer an app on your phone.  On the app, you can look at your progress throughout the day, set new goals and see what your friends are doing.

What is Nike Fuel?  I have no idea.  I've googled and searched and looked on the website, and read other blogs.  I don't think anyone actually knows.  All I know is that it uses the accelerometer that is built into the fuel band to determine your actual overall activity throughout the day.  It converts this activity into Nike Fuel.  Apparently it is to be the great equalizer.  On one of it's marketing posters, it shows  a skateboarder in action.  He has a higher activity total than the basketball player that is also shown in action.

You set yourself a daily goal.  You start your morning at 0.  As you become active during the day, the color goes from red, to yellow (I hate yellow) to green.  When I got the band, I started with a goal of 2000.  I moved it up to 2500 after a few weeks, and currently, I have a daily goal of 3000.  I'm averaging about 3500 a day, but because I hate yellow, I'm keeping it at 3000.  Don't want yellow just because I take a rest day.

It also rewards you with badges and trophies as you progress.  You get little celebration animations when you have your best day, or your best week, or even your best Tuesday.  They are goofy, but they are fun.  My kids like to watch them.

So, overall, I highly recommend it if you like technology and are ridiculously motivated by charts, graphs and goofy trophies.  It is worth the $149.  Even more so if you get a Nike Gift card, and don't have to shell out the $149 yourself.

Things I don't like?  You can't wear it swimming.  It's supposed to be OK in the shower, but I take it off.  There is no way to add activity if you are not wearing the band.  So I don't earn any fuel for busting my ass in the pool for 2 hours a week.  OR, if you leave it at home in the charger, you can't add in your spin class.  Speaking of spinning, you have to put the band on your shoe for any kind of cycling.  Last thing I don't like?  There is no real definition of what Nike Fuel is.  So if I try to brag about it, I have to spend 5 minutes on an awkward explanation.  Which I can't seem to explain anyway.

So I just ramble on about charts, graphs, yellow-hate, green-love and goofy trophies.

Not much different that what I've done here.  Just get one.

(I think at this point I'm supposed to say that I was not paid for this.  But if Nike would like me to Beta-Test a waterproof version...I long as they tell me what the hell Nike Fuel actually is)


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