Fat Girl Training for the week of 4/28/2013

I'm hoping that by typing this, and publishing it on the interwebs, that it will give me enough guilt and accountability to follow through.  I haven't been getting all my training in.  This needs to change.

So does the number on the scale, but that is a different topic.

I did do pretty well last week, I got 5 workouts in, and a lot of walking around campus for work.  Met my fuel band goals every day.  But it was completely undisciplined.

This week's plan:

Sunday:    Rest day, probably take the kids to the pool or go to the park.
Monday:  Spinning in the morning, Swim at lunch
Tuesday:  Run 4 miles in the morning, Swim in the evening, Possibly get my bike out of layaway, and borrow a wetsuit.
Wednesday:  Spinning in the morning, Pilates or weights, Try on a wetsuit, cry uncontrollably
Thursday:  Pilates or weights in the morning,
Friday:     Spinning in the morning, Swim at lunch
Saturday:  Run 7  (We might be travelling over the weekend, so that could screw up my run.  But I'll get it in.)

This week's struggle:

I'm not adjusting to working full time as quickly as I'd like.  It really limits the time I have available to work out.  Really, the best time is from 5:00-6:30am.  It doesn't interfere with anyone else's schedule.  I'm an early bird, so waking up that early isn't the issue.  It's doing it 6 days a week that gets old.  Especially because the reality of my life is that I won't get to bed by 9pm every night, so I'm not getting enough sleep.  In the evenings, I want to spend time with the kids, or catch up on stuff around the house, or become one with my couch in front of the TV.

This week's positive note:

I might get to see this chick on Saturday


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