First Outdoor TRI of the season DONE!

It's done.  The Muncie (IN) May Triathlon 2013.

Held at the beautiful Prairie Creek Reservoir.

Distance:  400 yard swim, 20.6K bike, 5K run
Air temp at the start:  48°.
Water temp at the start:  61°
Number of toes I could feel at the start:  0

The official results are not online yet, but I think I finished around 1:44:30.

Better than the 2 I did last year.  Not as good as I wanted.
Here are my excuses in no particular order:

  • I haven't been training like I need to be the last few months.
  • It was cold.
  • I hate running.
  • It was cold.
  • It was cold.
  • It was cold.

Here is a recap:

I survived wearing a wet suit in public.  Thankfully there were no pictures taken or mirrors around, so I just walked around in denial as to what I might look like.  After all, I had on a wet suit and was about to jump into a lake full of freeking cold water.  You have to be bad ass to do that.  So who cares if I was channeling Shamu.

The race was delayed 30 minutes in the hope that the clouds would part, the sun would shine and we would all be toasty warm.  Didn't happen.

Getting into a cold lake with or without a wet suit takes your breath away.  You just have to suck it up and swim.  And swim I did.  I actually had a great swim.  According to my watch I was back out of the water in 7:30.  Not anywhere near what Ryan Lochte would do, but pretty good for me.  (My last timed 400 with the Masters group was 8:55 and there was no current dragging me the wrong way).

The first transition was hard.  I had to get out of the wet suit, which wasn't too bad, but I couldn't get my arms in the sleeves of my fabulously fashionable LuLu Lemon long sleeve shirt.  My fingers were too cold to tie my shoes, but I managed.

The bike was fun.  I felt really good.  Except for the fact that since the transition was taking so long, I didn't take the time to put my bike shorts on.  My nether-regions are still mad.   I was only passed a net 33 times.  (Actually passed by 35 people, but I passed 2)

2nd transition was fine.  Just had to take off my helmet, grab my gatorade and go.  But my bib number had fallen off during the ride, and I had to re attach it.  Cold fingers are not helpful with safety pins.

Then came the run.  The part I was dreading.  The part I KNEW I was unprepared for.  And it was hard.  It took over a mile before I could feel my legs under me.  (I didn't feel my feet again until 1/2 way on the drive home.  My toes came back to life about an hour ago).  I had to take walk breaks.   The last mile I finally felt good and ran almost all the way in (except for one hill that looked like Denali).  

Came through the finish line.  No name announced :( but I got my medal, and was greeted by my son.  Grabbed another gatorade, grabbed a beer,  grabbed my junk and drove home. I just took 1/2 a beer for the glass. I dumped most of the beer behind a tree. Don't tell was all gone when she was done with her Olympic.  Didn't get the race glass anyway.

Lessons learned:

  • Bring food.  I never even considered a delay of the race.  Turns out that I ate my 1 banana too early.  I could have used the extra energy later.  Also, the food at the finish was kind-of blah.  I was spoiled by my first races having great food sponsors.
  • Bring extra clothes.  I felt like I had packed to many, but it turns out you really can't pack enough extra socks.
  • No more sleeping in on Tuesday mornings.  No more skipping out of the long group runs on Saturdays.  I need to get my ass up and out of bed and get miles in me.  
  • Do bricks*.  I did these before, but I didn't do them to prepare for this race.  
  • I may have looked bad in a wet suit, but the big-n-tall hairy guy without a shirt on looked even worse.
  • My son is pretty cool.  He got up at the butt-crack of dawn to ride out there with me, was there at the finish line, and thanked me for taking him with.  
One down.  3 more sprints to go.  Then in September...I will be back at Prairie Creek doing my first Olympic.  I'll be going twice as far as I did this morning.  Hopefully it won't be snowing.


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