It doesn't get easier...

I feel like my motivation is a yo-yo.

Some weeks I'm all on top of things, hitting my training schedule, eating right.

Other weeks I blow off running, eat like crap and wonder what the hell I'm thinking.

Some weeks I see facebook posts of the Richmond area soon-to-be-Iron "Women" and want to be just like them.

Other weeks I think they are nuts.

Some days I watch inspirational IronMan videos and cry because I'm so proud and inspired.

Other days I struggle getting in a 3 mile run, and the thought of running 26.2 makes me want to cry.

I saw a t-shirt last week that said "It never gets easier...You just get stronger"

I think I need to buy one for every day of the week.  It's a hard realization knowing that it will always be hard to get out of bed and go run.  It will always be hard making time to get into the pool.  It will always be hard to get out for long rides (especially if I keep forgetting to un-clip my shoes when I stop...ouch.)

I'm not giving up, but I need to get focused.  I need accountability.  I need someone to do this with.

So I wonder...are there any other women like me out there?  Any that want to challenge themselves and work together to get this done?

If you know someone, let me know.


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