3rd TRI done

Yesterday, I participated in the Divine Divas Women Only TRI in Muncie, IN.  It was my 3rd of the season, and I wasn't really ready.

The reasons are many, and all of them just excuses.

I worked too much the last few weeks.
Too much work meant virtually no training.
I've been blowing off my runs, even though I know it's a weakness.

But regardless, I did it, and I finished.  I was only 42 seconds away from a PR and all of that could have been helped.  If I would have walked just 1 minute less.  If I would have not taken so long in T2.

I was just hoping to have really dropped some serious time by this point.  But to do that, I would have had to have been seriously disciplined.  Which I wasn't.

I realized 2 things yesterday.

1)  I'm not ready for an Olympic distance Triathlon yet.
2)  I need to do more bricks.

A brick is when you "stack" one workout on top of another with little rest in between.  It can be any combo of Swim-Bike-Run.  I need to work on the Bike to Run portion.

After 13 miles on a bike, regardless of your speed, your legs have a hard time transitioning to the run.  It took me over a mile to really feel my legs underneath me.  Bricks will get me used to the change in movement and momentum, and help with muscle memory.  Regular runs (instead of the half-ass schedule I've been following) will help as well.

Any time I've run more than 3 times a week, I've gotten injured.  But I need to actually follow through and run the 3 times.  I hate running.  Or more so, I hate the anticipation and anxiety before a run.  I don't mind it when I'm done, in fact I kind of love the endorphin rush.  But the dread of actually starting out usually trumps endorphins when it's 5am.

Oh...I learned a 3rd third thing yesterday:

3)  It doesn't matter how tired you are, when you get home after swimming in a reservoir TAKE A SHOWER!!  I was all comfy in the clean clothes I had brought along and didn't realize until it was too late that I had some sort of reaction to whatever nastiness was growing in the water. Anywhere that there was a crease, fat roll, or elastic band...there was an itchy red rash.  All over my body.  ALL OVER.

There are places that no girl...fat, thin, short, tall, black, brown or white...wants to have an itch.


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