Here we go again!

I did it.  I got up at the alarm.  I let the dog out, brewed a K-Cup and went to spinning.  First time in what feels like an eon.

Doctor* forgive me for I have sinned.  
It has been 5 weeks since my last spinning session.

I should say it was brutal and I'm wrecked right now, but I'm actually OK.  It was hard, but worth it. There was new music, which always helps.  It felt really good to sweat. There was a drunk girl laying on the ground in the parking lot when I walked out of the gym.  (This has absolutely nothing to do with my re-commitment to triathlon, but it was I share**)

The true test of my re-commitment will be tomorrow morning.  Will I get up to run?  I haven't run since the end of September.  Tomorrow is going to hurt.  My love/hate relationship with running is swinging towards the hatred right now.


Most of the half-Iron training programs I found are between 16-20 weeks.  I'm hoping to spend December getting back to a regular routine, and then step it up in January.  This will serve two purposes:

1)  I won't be dealing with all that soreness that cripples the recently sedentary when the real training begins.
2)  I will establish myself back at the gym so in January I will not be perceived as a New Year's Resolutioner.

*I really said that.  The instructor is a surgeon.
**Her friend was getting her up and back to her room.  I didn't just leave her there.


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