Thoughts from the Back of the Pack

This could also be titled Thoughts from the Slow Lane.

Training for Triathlon is a very monotonous activity.  Miles and miles of running, lap after lap in the pool, hours after hours of pedaling.  Meeting up with groups help motivate and encourage, but when you are like are often left in the dust very quickly.  I often feel like I'm the sickly elderly antelope that can't quite keep up with the herd and will quickly be attacked by a lion.  Or a Buick.  You never know.

Anyway, I have come to the realization that I have some very interesting conversations with myself while training in isolation.  I also realized that I have a short attention span.  I thought I would share a few thoughts from my run this morning.

  • It's cold.  (9 degrees)
  • I didn't wear enough layers.
  • It's really cold.
  • Maybe I'll keep up with everyone for a while.
  • And there they go.
  • I really need to get one of those brightly covered wind breakers.
  • Why do these routes always have so many hills?
  • I think that politically I'm a centrist.
  • I kind of feel bad for Chris Christie.
  • I wonder if I'm a slower runner than Chris Christie
  • Crunchy snow is my friend
  • My neck is cold.  I should have worn a scarf.
  • I wonder if anyone will ever knit me a Katniss cowl.
  • I need to buy Peach Chobani
  • I've only gone 1/2 a mile?  What the hell?
  • It's nice and quiet out here
  • Lady Gaga has a boyfriend?  I thought she was gay
  • Not there's anything wrong with it
  • I want a Big Salad
  • Quiet, snow covered winding country roads are almost magical.
  • Magical snow covered hills suck
  • Why am I doing this to myself
  • What a crappy week
  • I hate that I cry too much
  • I never used to cry this much
  • Being over 40 sucks
  • Huh...those people running towards me must have been late
  • I like her orange wind breaker.  I should get one.  But in pink.  Or Purple.
  • Shiny snow is not my friend
  • I get Monday off!
  • Oh crap, I still have to go in on Monday.
  • Those people don't have a garage.  That sucks
  • I'm glad I didn't wear a long sleeve shirt under my windbreaker
  • I wonder when it's time to get new shoes
  • I don't need to walk
  • I can only walk until that tree
  • I wish I was going to the wedding
  • I need to write up that thing for K and K about how she didn't want D dating K because she wanted her for a daughter in law some day.
  • I wonder if she remembers saying that
  • I can't believe that was 9 years ago
  • Mailboxes.  Always so many mailboxes.  I should start counting them
  • 1, 2, counting mailboxes is stupid
  • My husband is pretty sweet.  I can't believe he planned that weekend for me.
  • I wish we could afford that weekend.
  • Why haven't I seen any animals?
  • I wonder if she cares how much she's hurt me?
  • Probably not
  • I need to stop thinking everyone is my friend.
  • Only 1/2 mile left?  That's cool.
  • Why is the end of the run so much easier than the beginning?
  • I really should go swim later, but I probably won't.
  • I should plan on going swimming tomorrow.
  • I believe in a woman's right to chose.
  • I wish women wouldn't chose that
  • I can't wait for my next niece to be born
  • I see the turn.
  • Totes McGoats
  • James Earl Jones is awesome
  • I see my car
  • At least none of the people doing 6 miles lapped me
  • Thank God I'm done
  • My fingers won't work
  • I hate when my glasses fog up like that
  • Holy crap I'm cold
  • I better stop and get milk on the way home
That was just 3 miles.  

132 days until ToughMan!  So many random thoughts to go...


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