And on the 7th day...

Today is Wednesday.
Wednesday is rest day.

For the last month I have been diligent about my 70.3 training.  4 runs, 3 rides, 2(ish) swims.  6 days a week.

I've tried to coordinate these around group work out sessions for a few different reasons.  Accountability is one reason, motivation is another.  I mean seriously, if you are sitting on a spin bike surrounded by 6 Iron Men and can't just wuss out.  You have to up your game.  Or at least hang on for dear life until the class is over.

This rescheduling of workouts meant that Wednesday is the day I get to "sleep in" and not have to put on any lycra or dry weave.


Actually, the strange thing is that at this point, I am having to remind myself that a rest day means I should be resting and recovering.  During the first two weeks of this hard-core, no-excuses, get-your-ass-out-of-bed training I was counting down the minutes until Wednesday.  The last two weeks it has actually snuck up on me.  And as far as sleeping in is concerned, it doesn't happen.  I'm waking up at 4:45 every day regardless.

I knew that training for 70.3 was going to be hard.  I knew the workouts would pile on top of each other, and there would be sore muscles and aching joints.  I knew going to bed early was going to become my new normal, and I have absolutely no problem turning out the light at 9:00.  What I wasn't prepared for was the fatigue.

What I didn't take into account was how hard the hours between waking up in the morning and then crashing at night could be.  It's in these hours that if I stop moving or thinking for a few moments too long...I doze off.   I know that if given the chance, I could probably nap at any time any where.

I'm becoming acclimated to the workouts.  I've started piling on miles and time on the bike.  I want to quit almost every minute, but I'm getting through them and can actually move and walk without looking like I'm 80 later in the day. This is a good thing.

Now I just need to conquer falling asleep during church and waking up with my face in a puddle of drool at my desk*.

65 days.

*To my employers:  This is a dramatic embellishment for comedic effect.  No drooling has actually occurred during working hours.

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