Holy Kale!

I've been really trying to pay attention to my nutrition lately.  I'm not eating anything fried, I'm cutting back on dairy, eating carbs strategically and trying to get more veggies into my diet.  I want to lose some weight, but at the same time, I want to be able to adequately fuel my workouts.

I'm sure everyone has heard about the latest superfood...kale.  It's trendy, its nutrient rich, it's versatile.  I bought a huge bag last week, and had been slowly hiding it in the meals I've cooked for my family.  We had some in soup.  It was sauteed with some other veggies with chicken.  I stuck a few huge handfuls in the blender with pasta sauce, and they never noticed the difference.

On Sunday while I was a spin class, I noticed mid-way through that the instructor was drinking some sort of nasty green/brown looking drink.  As I was powering through 90 minutes of spin, I decided that I would add some kale to my protein shake when I got home.  I had heard that you can hardly taste it.  Much to the horror of my husband and youngest son, a few handfuls went into the blender with my Chocolate Whey powder and some PB2.   I blended the whole thing up and was pleasantly surprised!  The shake didn't turn green, and it didn't taste any different!  Other than needing extra floss to get some kale bits out of my teeth, I counted it a success.  I also remembered I had some kale salad from the Kroger deli in the fridge, and had that with dinner.

Had another shake the next morning, and added a bit more kale.  Super yummy.  Super pleased with myself.  The next morning I didn't feel like a shake, so I sauteed some kale and mushrooms and added some eggs.  So tasty.  I was a kale queen.

Then came Wednesday...

I haven't had the pleasure of a colonoscopy yet, but I'm familiar with the basic procedure, and with the prep work involved.  You have to drink a gallon of stuff called Golytely, or Accu-Prep or some other horrendous thing to clean out your system.

I'm now 99% sure there is kale in those drinks.

Sorry, I realize this is TMI, but I was unprepared for what hit my digestive system that day.  I'm seriously surprised I didn't drop 10 lbs.

I googled "kale and digestion" and read that if you are going to eat raw kale in smoothies or another form, you should limit it to about 2 times a week.  When cooked, it doesn't have the same dramatic digestive effects.

So...lesson learned....before I hop on the next superfood bandwagon...I will tread lightly...so I don't have to "Golytely."

The more you know...

84 days!


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