Now what?

It's done.

I did it.

Holy crap!

Now what?

I don't even know where to start when talking about this past weekend.  Do I talk about the race?  Do I talk about how I feel after the race?  Do I talk about the people that made this possible?

For right now, I'm going to talk about the people, for it takes a Village to get a fat-girl across the finish line.

How far back to I go?

I saw the movie Challenge of a Lifetime back when I was in High School.   It was the first time I had ever heard of triathlon or IronMan.  Always remembered it for some reason.  So Thank You Penny Marshall.

While training for a marathon relay, I remembered the movie and googled triathlon, and learned that not all triathlon was 140.6.  Went on to do the marathon relay (with shingles) and decided to do my first Sprint.  (July 2012).  So thank you Crystal and Chrissy, the rest of the Bacon Lovers (anonymous) team, Noel and the When Pigs Fly marathon relay team.  (Flying bacon logo...awesome).

While training to run my first half, I saw a matched set of runners going DOWN Buffalo Hill instead of up it (like I was).  I saw them a few months later at the master's swim class, and they have been a major source of encouragement and inspiration and a very bad influence ever since.  Thank you Mangie.

Thank you Chuck, John, Big Steve and Brent...for putting me through my paces at Spinning.  And thank you Dick for coaching the Masters Swim, and organizing Running Wayne County.

Thank you Amy for the wet suit, for being awesome and your kind words.  And for being married to Tad, who is also awesome, and always likes my posts ;)

Thank you Mark for your relentless reminders that I needed to register.

Thank you Steve Tomboni and everyone at America Multi-Sport for inviting me to be a part of your team.

Thank you Steve Hayes for telling me I could always walk.

Thank you Kim for always pushing me, never letting me cop out, for walking with me for the last 2 miles, and of course your hot tub.

Thank you Quyen for your energy, your encouragement, for always making me smile, not letting me quit and of course always having a camera at the ready.

Thank you Holly for calling me your hero.

Thank you...

  • Jason even though I was your rabbit.
  • Keith for always giving me a shout out.
  • Andy for coming back to check on me
  • Cliff for the great bike course
  • Todd for the great run course.  
  • Stacey for walking with me during the race.
  • The truck full of goofballs driving around the run course telling me to get my butt in gear.
  • Joe, Rob, Kory, Brian...and everyone else that said random encouraging things.
  • Merle, Don and Debbie...strangers that I met on the course.
  • Tim Parrot for putting that AMAZING cold wet towel over my shoulders when I finished.  BEST.  THING. EVER.
Thank you to my parents for watching 1/2 of my kids for the weekend, and for spending the day out in the sun cheering me on.  To my kids for all the hugs and encouragement.

Thank you to my husband Tom.  Thank you for putting up with me for the last 6 months, for putting up with all the time I spent away, for my Anniversary/Birthday/Christmas/Valentine's Day/Mother's Day bike. and for chasing me down on the course.  I'm glad I made you proud!

Here's the biggie:  Thank you to every person that stayed at that pavilion to wait for me to finish.  Most of you had been done for HOURS.  The fact that you stayed, the fact that you waited for me...for ME...geesh.  I'm crying again just thinking about it.   There were so many of you there, and I was kind of disoriented, and I don't remember everyone and I'm sorry if I don't single everyone out.  It was just hug after hug after hug and I was worried about how bad I smelled and just wanted to get my shoes off.  

I felt like a Rock Star.

Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.

Later this week I'll recap the race itself.  Stay tuned for a tale of chipmunk murder and bloody shoes.


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