I am Invisible

Every day I read about running and triathlon.

Yes, these topics are an area of interest to me, but that is not the reason I read about them daily.

Every day I read about running and triathlon because I am addicted to my iPhone and iPad and my favorite app is FlipBoard.

Due to the fact that I read about running and triathlon every day on my iPad, I have become well versed with a wide range of articles that appear various fitness magazines or websites:

These articles discuss all sorts of run/tri topics from:
They are all the same, and they are all a bit different.  After several years of reading the same articles recycled with new titles, I am pretty informed.  

There is one type of article that never ceases to piss me off, and it is the one that discusses running for weight loss.  Today I read another article telling me why my weight is holding me back.  It pissed me off because it started like this:

Pesky extra 10 pounds.
Pesky extra 10 pounds.

At this point I would like to ask my mother to turn away from the screen as I am about to use profanity.

F*** YOU competitor.com!

Why am I upset?  

I am upset because so many of the articles I read about running and triathlon are geared towards Age-Groupers and Athletes that are always at the front of the pack.  Those athletes that consider an 8:00min/mile pace to be an easy/slow day.  Those athletes that need to lose those "Pesky extra 10 pounds."

I feel invisible.

What about those people in the back of the pack with a "Pesky extra 40 pounds?"  Or 50?  Or 100?  They are out there. They pay the same entry fees to races.  They buy the same shoes.  They pay the same annual fees to USAT.  Where are the articles for them?  

Yes, there is the occasional inspirational story where "Random Fat Guy" got off the couch and started running to lose weight and dropped a gazillion pounds and just finished a 1/2 marathon in 40 minutes.*  If you read through the article you discover that "RFG" was a high school track star that got injured in college and coped by spending time with his new BFFs Little Debbie and Samuel Adams, gaining the aforementioned gazillion pounds.   

*I embellish for dramatic effect.

Just once I'd like to see an article written for a 44 year old woman who has tracked every freaking calorie eaten and every freaking workout completed for the last 3 years and still can't manage to get below 190.  The woman that can't find a race kit to fit because a woman's XL is really designed to fit a tween girl.  The woman that has never been, and will never be a great athlete, but is out there anyway.  

Triathlon is the first thing in my life that I have NOT been good at, but that I have STUCK WITH.  I have gotten better.  I have gotten stronger and faster and more knowledgeable...but I will never be as fast or as strong or as slender as many of the women I train with.  It's biology.  It is what it is.  I'm not complaining about that.  I am in awe of (and kinda idolize) all those men and women who manage to look great in a wet suit and actually COMPETE in these races, not just ENDURE them.  This rant has nothing to do with them.

I'm ranting because the sources that I go to for advice, guidance and inspiration don't recognize me...or men and women like me...as their readership.  I find that disappointing.  This doesn't mean that I expect these magazines to start a whole new division just for fat people.  I would hope that with the obesity rate in the US at an all time high, and diet and weight loss being a bazillion dollar industry, that these respected and valued sources of information would recognize that they might have an audience that would want a bit more than how to lose those "pesky 10 pounds."   I know my weight is holding me back.  It's not for lack of trying.  

All this ranting doesn't mean I'll stop reading, I'm addicted afterall.  Check out the links...they are all good articles...for reals.  Especially the product review one.  


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