GI Jane

Becoming an Ironman: PHASE 1-GI Jane

I have a year until Ironman Florida, and a lot of work ahead.  Training won't really begin in earnest until March or May...depending on what Training Plan I go with.  That leaves the next 3 months with nothing officially on my training calendar.

So here's my plan...

I'm going to spend the next few months on weight training, core strength and a mad focus on my diet. I figure if I could drop at least 10, preferably 15 pounds in the next 3 to 4 months, it will make my life and future training a lot easier.  15 less pounds will be a lot easier to grind up a hill on a bike.  15 less pounds will make me faster overall on the run, and decrease my risk of injury.  And even though I like to claim the benefits of "butt buoyancy" during kicking drills, I'm sure pulling 15 less pounds through the water will speed up my swim as well.

There's another reason for this focus on strength and weight loss that isn't quite as noble.

It's because of all the trash talk within my training group and the fact that NONE of it is directed at me.

See, back in July several of the people in my training group completed Ironman Muncie 70.3, and to put it kindly...the girls beat the boys.  (read also: shallacking, tromping, drubbing, trouncing).  As a result, the boys really want their balls back (their words...not mine...sorry Mom) and they are working hard to make sure they don't let it happen again.  Or to at least not to the extent that happened before.  The trash talk is flying, and I anticipate it will continue flying until Muncie 70.3 in July 2015.

But none of that trash talk is directed at me, because lets face it...I'm not much of a threat.  Those boys swim, bike and run much faster than me.  It is sad, but very much my reality.

So here is my secret plan...I'm going to go all GI Jane on them and at least scare them a bit.  Because honestly, what is worse than loosing your balls to Mangie?

Getting chicked by a fat girl!

For the next 3 months I'm going to channel my inner Demi Moore.  I may not be able to do one armed push ups in the end, but hopefully I'll not be dismissed so easily.

I'm racing in Ironman Florida 2015 on behalf of the Ironman Foundation.  Any donation big or small is appreciated!  Check out the "Donate" page above, or click on this link to contribute!  THANK YOU !


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