Almost Famous

And by Almost Famous, I mean hardly...

A few weeks ago, I was asked to share the story of how I became a triathlete for the Life Changing Finish Lines Podcast.  It was one of those situations where I felt 50% "WHY ME?? ARE YOU KIDDING??  NO WAY!!" and 50% "Well it's about TIME you finally asked!"  I get conflicted that way.

I said yes, because conflicted as I may be, I'm also an attention whore.  (At least I own it.)

But I also said yes because I want this blog to be more than me whining about how hard it is to train for a triathlon.  I also want it to inspire people to get involved with the sport.  Or just get up and do something.  ANYTHING.  It doesn't have to be triathlon or running or cycling.  It just has to be SOMETHING.  Because if I could do it...get up off my couch and start moving...ANYONE can.

I have a friend who recently has started going to my spin class, and in a blatant attempt to keep her motivated, I've been picking her up in the mornings.  She made a comment about how she could never do all the training I'm doing.  I told her "Not now...but keep working at it and in 2 1/2 years you could be."

So I did the interview, and now it's out there in the universe.  I have 2 observations about being interviewed for something like this:
  1. It is incredibly easy to mis-speak!  You here politicians and celebrities getting called out all time for not telling the truth or for saying something they shouldn't.  Well, I did just that!  It was minor, but it made me realize how easily it can happen.  I referred to the Go! St. Louis Marathon and said that it occurred in October.  It's not an October event.  It's in April.  I know that.  If you would have asked me to guarantee 100% that I SAID it's in April I would have thrown $100 on the table and said "Hell yes!"  But I didn't.  So I won't judge next time I hear that some government official made an error in a statement.
  2. I say "um" and "you know" WAAAAY too much.
So here is the link to the podcast if you want to hear my story:  

A quick mention about the cover art on the LCFL Podcast page.  I'll be heading down to Ironman Florida with the 3 girls in this picture.  Amy is on my right, Angie and Mindy are on my left.  These women, and a bunch of other people, waited around a loooong time for me to finish the race, and I will be forever grateful.  They drug me over to the finish line to have it taken.  The only thing I would change about it would be to photo shop my shirt so that I match them.  

The little inset picture on the bottom right corner is me doing body marking for the ToughKids Tri the next day.  I'm proudly wearing my Toughman FINISHER shirt (yay!)...but please note the flip flops.  My heels were so blistered and bloody because of my STUPID last minute decision to not wear socks on the run that I couldn't wear real shoes for a week.

Thanks for reading.  Thanks for listening.  Just thanks!

I'm racing in Ironman Florida 2015 on behalf of the Ironman Foundation.  Any donation big or small is appreciated!  Check out the "Donate" page above, or click on this link to contribute!  THANK YOU !


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